About Vevolution

{Vegetation evolution}

Virtous Organic Wild™

Here’s WHAT we do:

We develop truly sustainable, 100% organic alternatives to everyday products.

We’re providing tangible product solutions to deforestation, toxic petroleum chemicals and mass animal farming.

We are giving an empathic human voice and action to the most vulnerable: the ones that don’t speak our language.
Be they other humans, animals or our Earth’s resources.

We VOW – Virtuous, Organic, and Wild – that the Vevolution with our VOW products and education positively change the way humans interact with the planet.

Here’s HOW we’ll achieve this:

The VOW products are created for health, environmentally and  community conscious, sweet taste, design and convenience loving, smart individuals and parents of young children, interested in the happiness of all of us on planet Earth.

And actually even those beings who aren’t interested or able to change the way humans have been interacting with them. They may not have the education or means available or have other beliefs. They may be babies, animals and plants.

By buying VOW products you help to conserve our natural resources like healthy topsoil, drinking water and clean air locally and all around the planet – which are, contrary to popular belief, not infinitely available at the rate we’ve been using them.

VOW Vaffles
Our first of 6 divisions of Vevolution VOW products: Food!
We are proudly announcing our deliciously Healthy Organic Comfort Superfoods™ soon to be sold online, at farmer’s markets and at retail stores, restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles, California. That’s a good start!
Healthy Organic Comfort Superfoods ™
  • have a delicious taste
  • provide lasting energy
  • are organic and kosher, vegan and gluten-free where applicable (certifications will come soon)
  • save time and money
  • are better for animals, people, natural resources and biodiversity

VOW products are truly Virtuous and Organic from the Ground Up.

Karina Waffle Cake

WHY choose VOW products?

Our truly sustainable products will provide the world with COMFORT, DELIGHT and SATISFACTION for body, soul and spirit!
Not only for humans, who buy and enjoy them – but additionally even for those who don’t buy or use our VOW products at all, including our environment, all wild and domesticated animals. Isn’t that nice?

When you enjoy the VOW products you will feel:
the COMFORT that comes from healthy and safe nourishment,
the DELIGHT that comes from the pleasure of great taste and design,
and the SATISFACTION that comes from feeling good about one’s contribution to others.

The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created it.” – Albert Einstein